What do our classes have to offer you?

Our facilities

Class levels

Class levels

Our beautiful new pole dancing studio is located in Epping.

It's an awesome place to begin your pole dancing classes, with a great atmosphere, both private and comfortable.




Climate controlled studio including the 100 square metre pole room, fitted out with state of the art audio and lighting.

Separate change rooms, lockers, separate waiting lounge, shower facilities, double layered softened floors, full length mirrors on every wall and 7 competition standard 40mm brass poles, at lengths of 3.6metres. Offering both static & spinning poles.


All level students are welcome! No experience at all? No problem!

Already been pole dancing for a while, or are you coming back from a long break and unsure exactly where to start?

No worries, you can speak with one of our lovely staff and discuss what's best suited.


Beginner's classes to elite levels, personal training and ongoing advice. No experience is necessary!

Get that lean toned dancer's body you've always wanted.

With classes having a maximum of 6 students to each class you will get the personalised individual attention you deserve in every class.


Burn an easy 500-1000 Calories each session, with the hottest new trend in fitness of pole dancing.
Make new friends, build your self confidence and have fun.

All whilst you exercise.

You will be motivated and inspired to achieve your goals.
Never feel intimated walking through our doors, everyone is truly lovely and encouraging.


Excellent progressive courses specially designed to step you through each level, in a safe and professional manner. In every class we aim to progress your fitness, build your strength, cardio fitness and flexibility to enable you to perform those acrobatic movements on the pole.


Bring your girlfriends & try something new. Get instantly addicted to the awesome results. Don't wait another day!

When it comes to pole moves, not only is it just the trick that will be taught but a selection of different entries, exits, variations and ways to combine a move with others.

Each new term brings new tricks that haven't been repeated. 

Every step up a level brings more exciting and challanging content for students to learn. You will never be bored when repeating the same level. Assessments are also done and required before moving up a level.

This is to ensure students get the correct training and the right workout to suit their level of ability.

You don't want to be struggling, nor finding things too easy.


If new students are coming from another studio or back from a long break, we offer free assessments which can be done by one of our instructors at the studio. This will be to assess, determine which level would suit best.

Feel free to arrange an appointment to come in anytime.

We strive to help women achieve their personal physical goals. 

These classes are focused on helping you reach your fitness goals, & offer all the benefits of individual attention.

We commit to delivering a fun & safe exercise class which can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Best value for your money!

What do our classes have to offer you?

What do our classes have to offer you?

What do our classes have to offer you?

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